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Iowa Public Radio Host represents the spirit of Iowa through talk shows and public media.

Charity Nebbe

Charity Nebbe hosts Iowa Public Radio’s weekday show Talk of Iowa and also serves as host for the weekly Iowa Public Television program Iowa Ingredient. She’s hosted the two shows since moving back to Iowa in 2010.

Nebbe is a Cedar Falls High School graduate and an alumna of Iowa State University. She began her career in public radio at WOI Radio as an ISU student, creating Chinwag Theater and later spending ten years with Michigan Radio in Ann Arbor.


Charity Nebbe is a familiar voice for Iowans as the host of the Talk of Iowa program on Iowa Public Radio. She got her start at WOI while an Iowa State student and has been working in public radio since then. She created Chinwag Theater a nationally syndicated public radio show and spent 10 years at Michigan Public Radio in Ann Arbor before returning to her native Iowa and the WOI studios to host Talk of Iowa. She represents the true spirit of a liberal arts education and Iowa State’s land grant mission as she welcomes listeners to discover Iowa’s landscape, culture and science.


Charity Nebbe is the host of Iowa Public Radio’s daily Talk of Iowa show and the weekly Iowa Public Television show, Iowa Ingredient. She is also a writer. She has a degree in political science, English and biology from Iowa State University.

She has been working in public media for more than 30 years. She started her career at WOI radio in Ames, Iowa. While there, she created the nationally syndicated public radio program Chinwag Theater and co-hosted it with author Daniel Pinkwater. She then worked at Michigan Radio for ten years.

In her work, she brings a local context to national stories and a broader perspective to locally focused news. She has a deep appreciation for Iowa’s landscape and culture, and she is committed to sharing the state’s rich history with her listeners. Charity lives outside of Iowa City, where she is married and has two children. They raise livestock and produce hay on their farm.


Charity Nebbe is a renowned American radio and television personality. She has been working as the host of Iowa Public Television’s daily talk show “Iowa Ingredient” and the Iowa Public Radio weekday program “Talk of Iowa.”

She grew up wandering the prairies and woodlands of rural Iowa with her mom, Linda Nebbe, who was a school counselor and wildlife rehabilitator. She graduated from Cedar Falls High School and Iowa State University. She is married to Rob Parrish, a chef and artisan baker. She has two children, daughter Audrey Parish and son Carter Parish.

Charity Nebbe’s net worth is estimated at around $1 million. Her income source is mostly from her career as a successful Radio and TV Personality. She has a great sense of humor and is known for her witty lines. She is an animal lover and loves to spend her free time with a couple of mutts and lazy house cats. She is also a great admirer of Mary Poppins.


Charity Nebbe is the host of Iowa Public Radio’s weekday talk show, “Talk of Iowa.” She joined the team in July 2010. The show features a mix of regular guests and a range of experts to discuss what’s happening in Iowa. The program also covers the arts, history, literature and everything in between. It has been nominated for multiple awards, including the National Edward R. Murrow Award for public service.

In addition to the weekly Talk of Iowa, she hosts the live horticulture event Horticulture Friday. The program takes place at Iowa State University’s 230-acre horticulture research station north of Ames. Beate Schmittmann, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, says Charity Nebbe represents the true spirit of a liberal arts education and Iowa State’s land-grant mission.

Charity Nebbe is a well-known American radio and television personality. She has been hosting the Iowa Public Radio’s weekday show “Talk of Iowa” and “Iowa Ingredient” since 2012. Charity is 47 years old and was born on 10 January 1975 in Iowa, United States of America. She has an average height and weighs moderately. She is currently single.

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