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After 9/11, Keyes became known as the “Ground Zero Pastor,” preaching at Glad Tidings Tabernacle in a century-old church wedged among Manhattan skyscrapers. He raised millions of dollars for disaster relief, including aid for survivors of Hurricane Katrina and poverty relief in Africa and Appalachia.

But he also sucked up millions from his church and nonprofit groups, and used some of it to pay off personal credit card debt and the mortgage on his Pennsylvania house. The AP’s investigation prompted New York state officials to investigate.

What Is Charity Keyes?

Charity Keyes is an American woman who works to help others in need. She is well known for her work as a social worker and for helping people with mental health problems. She also works to raise money for local charities. The Ursula Keyes Trust is a fund established in memory of a prominent Chester resident, and it gives money to local causes that are not covered by other sources of funding. The foundation supports projects that benefit the health, education and humanity of the human family. Search for Charity Keyes on SocialScourge to see current contact information, public records, relatives and more.

How Is Charity Keyes Helping?

The charity supports people with neurological conditions and their Carers and has set up a Neuro Therapy Centre in Saltney, Chester. Funds from the charity also support other local and national charities, many of which are linked to the Countess of Chester Hospital.

Before the attacks, Keyes was a struggling pastor of a small New York church that sought members and money. But after 9/11, donors poured millions into his charities to aid victims of the attack and Hurricane Katrina, as well as in impoverished parts of New York, West Virginia and Africa.

Keyes used some of that money to cover hundreds of thousands of dollars in personal credit card debt, according to state investigators and his own accountant. He also used money from his church to pay off a mortgage on a Pennsylvania house and help his family buy new cars and other possessions.

Ultimately, Keyes signed a legal judgment settling the investigation of his church’s financial transactions. He agreed to repay the $1.2 million he took from his congregation for the 18th-century farmhouse and property. He also agreed to pay the church back the $715,000 it borrowed from him for the purchase.

What Is Charity Keyes Doing?

Charity Keyes has been a supporter of many nonprofit organizations that aim to make the world a better place. She has been an ambassador for the charity Keep A Child Alive, and has travelled to several countries where AIDS has ravaged communities. She also supports Frum Tha Ground Up, a nonprofit that encourages young people to pursue their dreams. Keys has given her time to speak at many events, and has performed at the New Jersey Live Earth concert and Philadelphia Live 8 concerts, as well as for Hurricane Katrina relief. She has also raised funds by hosting concerts for the KEYS programme, which provides medical, spiritual and community support to help people overcome addictions.

Who Is Charity Keyes Helping?

The Ursula Keyes Trust provides a range of support to organisations and individuals in Chester and the surrounding area. The trust was established as a legacy by a prominent Chester resident and is mainly used to fund capital projects and equipment for local groups, charities and individuals.

Reverend Carl Keyes, the “Ground Zero Pastor,” has raised funds for the victims of 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina as well as for African poverty relief, Appalachian poverty relief, and church property sales via his charities, Aid for the World and Urban Life Ministries. But the AP found he also diverted much of the $4.8 million he received from his fundraising efforts into his personal coffers, including to pay off his mortgage, son’s student debts, vacation home purchases, lavish fundraiser events, and church property renovations.

A former executive director of the Glad Tidings Tabernacle, Mark Costantin, has agreed to repay $1.2 million he took from the church to help finance the Keyes’ farmhouse purchase. He also signed an agreement that bars him from acting as a fiduciary of any New York nonprofit or religious corporation.

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