The Check 6 Charity

Check 6 provides aid, assistance, experiences, purpose, inspiration and hope to children battling serious medical conditions and military veterans in need as well as their families. This organization is tax deductible.

Itemizing your deductions can add up, especially when it comes to charity. Make sure that you are getting the most out of your contributions by checking the legitimacy of a charity with groups like: GuideStar, BBB Wise Giving Alliance, and CharityWatch.


The Check-6 charity relies on donations from individuals to make the Pilot for a Day program possible. Donations are used to support the children and families selected to participate in this program that is conducted twice a year at Joint Base Andrews. Donors can also choose to support other aviation related activities at the organization through their donation.

The IRS requires charities to disclose to donors when they provide goods or services in return for a charitable contribution. Generally speaking, the value of a good or service is considered to be equal to the amount of the donation. Charities must be careful to report the correct date of the donation to ensure that the donor is able to take advantage of tax deductions. This is especially important around year end when charities may receive checks that will not clear their bank until the next calendar year.


Sponsorships allow your nonprofit to partner with a company for specific activities. These sponsorships are compliant under 501(c)(3) regulations. Donors to sponsored activities give directly to the sponsoring organization and are receipted for tax purposes by that organization.

Ideally, the mission of the sponsored activity and the mission of the fiscal sponsor are closely aligned. However, sponsors can still provide financial support to activities whose alignment is less direct if they exercise sufficient oversight to ensure that the project operates in a manner consistent with the sponsor’s mission.

When seeking a corporate sponsorship, research a potential company thoroughly. Thorough research demonstrates your interest in and knowledge of the company, which can help you make a strong connection with a potential sponsor. Sponsors may be more willing to partner with your nonprofit if they can see how their sponsorship will benefit them professionally. Also, be sure to clearly define the specific benefits that are connected with each level of sponsorship you offer.

Pilot for a Day

The check 6 foundation is proud to support the children and families that participate in the Pilot for a Day program conducted at Joint Base Andrews. Twice a year a child is selected by Children’s National Medical Center to be a “pilot” for the day. The event is comprised of a full day of activities revolving around the child’s dream and interest in aviation.

Avery, an 11 year old from Hartsburg, MO was a “pilot” for the day and spent the day on base with various Airmen and units. He was even given the opportunity to fly a simulator in the KC-135 and was able to direct it to where his favorite football team, the Kansas City Chiefs play each Sunday.

Long after the Pilot for a Day event ends, wingmen maintain contact with their assigned child and family mainly to provide encouragement and resource support. Sadly, shortly after the program was conducted, Ne’Vaeh passed away from his battle with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma.

Volunteer Opportunities

The Check 6 Foundation provides aid, assistance, experiences, purpose, inspiration and hope to children battling serious medical conditions, military veterans in need and their families. The organization does this through its numerous programs which are facilitated by volunteer support. Those interested in volunteering can learn more about the nonprofit here. The foundation also encourages those in the New York City area to donate their time as a way of helping those who need it most. There are a variety of options available, from working at nursing homes to volunteering with Crisis Text Line, a phone-based suicide hotline. Catch A Fire is a database that connects volunteers with nonprofits based on their skills and interests. It is constantly being updated with new opportunities. It’s important to remember that the little things can make a huge difference.

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